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I’m a Venezuelan freelance graphic designer based in Madrid. I was born and raised in Mérida, a city with the best weather ever, the most warming people and greatest-inspirational landscapes you have ever seen. I grew up drawing letters with stencil shapes and painting in the walls. I always noticed my father and grandfathers handwriting, both of them really clean and stylized much like English writing which got passed onto me. I started drawing until my father put me in classes with pencil, pasty, charcoal and finally oleo, but like every other kid I finished painting graffiti’s in the streets. Later, I got serious and major in Graphic Design.

Most of my firsts years of working life I travel around a couple of countries where I learned different cultures and sides of the design. I spent a season working in Orlando, Florida, in a small printer shop. I returned to Venezuela and spent another season working in Merida. A year later I went to Tijuana, Mexico where I worked in a design studio for one year. In 2005 I return to my country, but then to the capital, Caracas, where there was no more peaceful life, I lived there for five years working in the chaotic world of the advertising agencies. In the agency I got to be Art Director, managing national and international brands as Brahma Beer (Brazil), Peugeot, Pfizer, among others. In between, I tried to develop more some hobbies that I always liked. I studied for a year cook, and major as a Chef and made some courses to become a pilates trainer. In 2009 I decided to enlarge my knowledge and came for a year to Madrid to study 3D, but this year became into 5 years and I think others will be more. I haven´t stop studying but know I mainly put my effort between two fields: calligraphy and illustration.

What have I become? Right now without never stop practicing and looking for more references I´m swimming between the pure calligraphy works and lettering designs that can get reloaded with illustrations and 3D details.


So, what can I say to you? Never forget why you started to study design. Everything that you will learn across your life will be useful in some way. Motivation and interest will be your greatest allies in this journey full of both color and diversity. Not always is going to be easy or well valued, money can become a barrier don’t let it; keep working for what makes you happy.


Behance Appreciaton Award. España 2012

Gold Award (Latin Group) China 2013



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